Learn the Lingo!

The UWC vernacular is definitely one that  needs a dictionary. So here’s a total list (that I’ll keep editing throughout my  time) of common phrases and abbreviations (just because we’re lazy :P)  that UWCer’s use. Note: Anything not in italics is generic to all UWC’s, everything in italics is special (as far as I can tell) to Li Po Chun.

First, the Basics:

LPC- Li Po Chun UWC of Hong Kong.

HK- Hong Kong.

Zero Year- Someone who is not yet a first year, someone who has just been through selection and confirmed their place.

First Year- Someone in their first year at a UWC, more commonly ‘Firstie‘. 

Second Year- Someone in their second and final year at  a UWC. I sometimes refer to Hannah White as ‘my second year’, mainly because she is the first second year I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and also because she is my country mate too. It’s kind of a buddy system- if I have any questions I go to Hannah, because she’s been through it all before me. 

Third Year- Someone who just graduated from a UWC.

Co-Year- Someone in the same year as you. Can be a country mate, can be from a different country.

Roomie- roomate- Someone who shares your room. There are four to a room in LPC. 2 internationals, 2 locals, 2 firsties, 2 second years. 

National Committee- (Sometimes abbreviated to NC)The committee who you apply to, and who eventually nominates you for a place at a UWC.

O Week- Orientation Week- An entire week at the beginning of  September designed to give firsties all the information they need to know to have an amazing two years in LPC; e.g more info on subject choices, setting up bank accounts, getting to grips with local public transport. It’s completely organised by second years. 

Now, Academia:

IB- Literally ‘INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE’ -The crazily difficult academic course that all UWCers’s undertake. You take a first language, a second language, a maths level, a science, a humanity and an art. Usually, 3 are studied at higher level, and 3  are studied at a standard level.

CAS- LiterallyCREATIVITY, ACTION, SERVICE’. In order to pass the IB, students must participate in a CREATIVE subject, a PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, and a SERVICE. LPC students have to take a CAMPUS service, as well as a COMMUNITY service. *CAS is called QUAIN CAI in Li Po Chun, and means WHOLE PERSON, which is pretty cool. 

TOK- Theory of Knowledge- A philosophy based course all IB students must take in order to pass.

IA- Internal Assessment- What it says on the tin, really.

EE- Extended Essay- A four thousand word essay needed to pass the IB. can be written on anything, it is purely the students choice. Most people write it in the summer of their first year.

Cultural Stuff:

Cultural Evenings- Evenings that celebrate the diversity of the school. Typically divided into several nights by region: North American Cultural Evening, Latin American Cultural Evening, European Cultural Evening, Middle East and South Asia Cultural, Evening African Cultural Evening, Asia-Pacific Cultural Evening, and of course, Chinese Cultural Evening. They all occur once every two years aside from the Chinese cultural evening, which takes place every year.

China Week- A week long excursion that takes place in Term 1, for all First year students, and focuses on travel to China and HK specifically. 

Project Week- A week long community project or an adventure week you undertake in Term 2, focusing on travel to the South East Asia.  All students participate in this.

Ma On Shan- A massive shopping centre one stop away on the MTR, also has a wet market. 

MTR- Kind of like the tube, but way faster, cleaner and more efficient. 


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