About Me

Hi Reader!

Hiking with dad!

My name is Tegz, I’m sixteen and live in sleepy South Wales in the UK. I live with my family, which comprises of my two crazy brothers, my wonderful parents, and my apathetic cat Cariad, that hates humans.

I am an army cadet in my spare time,  (which involves lots of rain, mud and early mornings on the weekends), a grade 6 bassoonist, and I’ve just finished comprehensive school, where I was elected Head Girl, as well an EDSGC representative, peer mentor and all-round nerd.

The more ‘glamorous’ side of cadets!

I spend a lot of my time reading books (current favourite- On the Road by Jack Keroac), listening to far too much music, or protesting fracking with Greenpeace. I love to be outside more than anything, whether it be hiking with my dad or skiing in the winter with my friends. My passion is geography, because I find other cultures fascinating, and I’m a travel fanatic who is itching to explore and live!

Everything changed on May1st 2014, as I received confirmation that I had been accepted to study nearly 6,000 miles away in Hong Kong, in the Li Po Chun United World College there, with 250 other students- a world away from my Welsh roots! I invite you to join me as I venture boldly where no member of the Evans clan has ever ventured, and hope that together we can make this memorable!

Yours, Tegz xxx

Skiing- I fell about 12 seconds after this photo was taken!

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. So proud of my darling niece. You will do amazing and will have the time of your life making memories. Following you all the way xxxx

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