Nadolig Llawen & Mazama!

Nadolig Llawen all! It’s christmas day right now, but it doesn’t feel like it! It’s the first christmas I’ve ever spent away from home, and whilst I’m missing everyone back home a lot, I’m having fun here.  we left Bainbridge at 8am today and arrived at the inn in Mazama at aound 4.15- thankfully, Steven’s Pass, the mountain road we were using to cut across the cascades was clear of snow unlike yesterday when it was closed the whole day! Just a few pictures from the drive here- it was pretty foggy up in the mountains, but out the other side was spectacular.

A big thank you to Johanna’s family for letting me celebrate Christmas day with them (on the 24th to allow for driving today). I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it, particularly the untradditional sea food dinner- oysters, smoked eel, crab soufflé (expertly made by Johanna) and Buche de Noel (or Yule Log if you’re British!) for dessert.

Also a big thank you to my parents for letting me come on this fantastic adventure, and once again supporting my wildest dreams and hopes. It was strange spending Christmas Day away from home, but I really enjoyed our family skype where I got to catch up on the day’s escapades 😉 Book me in for next year?

Nadolig Llawen everyone!


Tegz xx

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