Hi everyone, another super short post because its been a crazy couple of days. I’m writing this now back in Bainbridge! Johanna and I got to go explore Vancouver, but the weather was really icky, loads of cloud and raining on and off all day, so we spent most of the time doing our Christmas shopping. We headed out to Granville Island later that night to meet Johanna’s parents, Jan Willem and Alice, for Dinner at a place called Edible Canada which was amazing. I had bison steak which was incredible. The next day, we had to go to the Dutch embassy, and then we went to this place called the Urban Tea Merchant for afternoon tea. I’ll let the pictures do the talking šŸ˜‰

Later on we went to the Capliano Suspension Bridge which was beautiful, and then we went to a pub called Morrisseys which I’m not sure can classify as a pub because it was so posh and the food was so classy! I had a chicken burger, but it had brie and like a tapanadey thingy on it which was divine. The next day, we drove back to Bainbridge, which leads me to now! Tomorrow I’m going to explore Seattle with Johanna, so just expect another post at some point!

Merry Christmas to everyone at home! Yours,

Tegz xx

P.S- I know I’m missing a few pics, I’m waiting for some pictures from Johanna’s dad to lend me his SD card.

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