Bye Bainbridge!

Hi all, this is a pretty rushed blog post because I’m busy and am now in Vancouver! It’s been a fantastic first week on Bainbridge, involving lots of sleep, quality food and a much needed shopping trip to buy new jeans. I haven’t done much exploring yet because Johanna has been in school still (she finally finished on Friday!) and the weather has been pretty icky. Never mind, I have another two weeks here!

Anyways, now I’m in Vancouver for a couple of days (because Johanna and her dad need to renew their Dutch passports and this is the closest embassy). We road tripped up earlier. after taking a ferry from Kingston to Endmon (so windy, and so cold!), drove for about 4 hours and then headed out for Nepalese food when we got here, which was AMAZING. Tomorrow, Johanna and I have a day to explore Vancouver (but the weather forecast was miserable, so we’re planning to go to a lot of art galleries etc to stay out of the wet weather, which sounds like a lot of fun!

It is so cold here!


Tegz xxx

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