Hi all! I’m really sorry this blog is late (as they always are), and I have no excuse other than the fact that the IB is just doing what the IB does best! Yesterday I finally did my English Individual Oral Commentary, which is something I’ve been dreading for a long time, but in […]

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Mazama Photos 2!

Hi all! So today we drove about half an hour to a place called Sun Mountain. The ski trails there are pretty intense, so I went snow shoeing with her parents while Johanna tackled some of the more intense trails. Snow shoeing was a lot of fun! There were a lot of very steep hills […]

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Mazama Photos 1

Hi all, just a quick update to say I’m pretty busy here, hence the radio silence. I’m finding cross country skiing extremely challenging, mainly because I’m a downhill skier, and the technique (which is what makes you move) in cross country is almost the opposite, and very finicky. It’s taking me a while, but I’m […]

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Nadolig Llawen & Mazama!

Nadolig Llawen all! It’s christmas day right now, but it doesn’t feel like it! It’s the first christmas I’ve ever spent away from home, and whilst I’m missing everyone back home a lot, I’m having fun here.  we left Bainbridge at 8am today and arrived at the inn in Mazama at aound 4.15- thankfully, Steven’s […]

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Hi everyone, another super short post because its been a crazy couple of days. I’m writing this now back in Bainbridge! Johanna and I got to go explore Vancouver, but the weather was really icky, loads of cloud and raining on and off all day, so we spent most of the time doing our Christmas […]

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Bye Bainbridge!

Hi all, this is a pretty rushed blog post because I’m busy and am now in Vancouver! It’s been a fantastic first week on Bainbridge, involving lots of sleep, quality food and a much needed shopping trip to buy new jeans. I haven’t done much exploring yet because Johanna has been in school still (she […]

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At Last, Bainbridge

So after nearly 24 hours of travelling, and seeing 3pm twice on a Saturday (once in Beijing, once here) I’m finally here! This blog is going to be short and sweet because I’m literally falling asleep at my laptop. I’m really grateful to be able to spend Winter Break this year in Seattle (or more […]

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Third Term

SO I left things on a bit of a cliffhanger with my last blog,  I’m sorry for the absence, I truly am, and I just hope I convey how hectic and how absolutely mental this term has been. I’m hoping to do a bit more of a reflective blog when I finally arrive at my […]

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Fortnight Part 1!

So I had a spare 20 mins and decided to update you all very quickly on my life! My parents left on saturday after a fantastic couple of days in Hong Kong with them… unfortunately it rained the entire time, meaning that they didn’t get to visit the peak, but they did get to see […]

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End of Summer

So, summer’s nearly over, my bag is virtually packed, and the dog has been dropped off at a farm. My brother heads out to army camp tomorrow morning, and shortly after, I leave for Hong Kong again, and I don’t plan to return before May next year. Oh, and did I mention, my parents are […]

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